FTP proxy client problem with ftp-proxy message size restriction.

  • Hi! I'm using FTP proxy client here. It's working very well. Recently I received a claim that a server was not connecting. After some debug I noted that the problem was with a server that sent a big banner message. This packet doesn't pass through the ftp-proxy.

    Analysing the ./contrib/pf/ftp-proxy/ftp-proxy.c I can see a variable definition named MAX_LINE with the value = 500. The banner has 893 bytes. So, what can we do? The ftp-proxy from FTP Client Package could be compiled with a larger value? Or this has other implications?

    I've compiled the binary in another FreeBSD and put in PFSense. The server now connects. But this isn't a great solution.


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    Tell the server admin to use multi-line banners and not a single huge line.

  • Yes, already done! The mentioned one line banner has no senseĀ  :o

    This topic was just to suggest the change of the value. If we consider that *ethernet (really used) has a 1500 bytes of frame size, 500 may be something small. If higher values doesn't represent any other problem, the users of the package wouldn't face this specific problem.


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    We pull that from FreeBSD. I don't see us maintaining a patch to change the value when there has only ever been one report of one server that is broken by it. You can submit a request to FreeBSD to have that increased if you want. If they do it, we'll get the change eventually when it makes its way into a branch we build from.

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