PIA OpenVPN with pfSense firewall - DNS Leaks

  • Hi All,

    I hope someone has managed to successfully configure what I am after, as although it is working to a point, I’m not 100% happy with all results.
    Basically, I have signed up with PIA as my OpenVPN provider. I have configured a few VPN clients on my Pfsense firewall – one in Europe, two in America etc. My plan was to route specific IP’s over certain VPN’s depending on my requirements.

    I have setup alias groups within Pfsense and by dropping my IP into a certain group I pick up the outside IP as I expect (and a trace route goes out the right way), so this part is seemingly running ok.
    The issue is with the DNS. Because I have multiple VPN gateways, I have selected all of these from within the Pfsense DNS resolver, my DNS servers specified within pfsense are the two PIA DNS servers, but the results of the DNS Leak are not perfect. For some reason (occasionally), my public internet facing IP leaks, and so do all the other providers.

    Therefore, the crux of my query is that I would like to run multiple VPN tunnels and then have the correct DNS output depending on which tunnel I am going through, now it seems as if DNS requests are going out of all my interfaces – so I can’t be sure other traffic is staying within the tunnel either.

    Any advice/help will be appreciated. If anyone wants some more info on my setup, I can supply it.

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