Ideas for futire web GUI

  • Sorry what i create topic in this - i dont understand where can create this theme.
    I want posted  ideas for pfsense - may be this have useful for project:

    –--- web Traffic shaper ---

    • need in TrafficShaper wizard insert individual checkbox for each protocol - when i create rules with this wizard - they make rules for all protocols by selected part
    • need in wizard create more details parts - www/MAIL/internet pagers - each for different part(page)
    • create alternative wizards or extendeds for exists wizard -- for the possobility add rules for ip/ip groups and times range.

    ----- web Users and IP Groups ---
    -Adding global users/users groups and IP/IPranges for possability uses them in all services and applications from the project
    Today eny part of project have self list of users/IP's (and packages too)

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