Traffic graphs not showing correct data

  • The traffic graphs in 2.3.3 look very pretty, but they appear to bear little if any relation to the actual throughput on my interfaces.

    They worked a treat on 2.3.2.  Is there an easy way to go back a version ?

  • Export your config.xml.  Reinstall 2.3.2.  Import config.xml.

  • I'm having this same issue on mine.  I'm not sure which version to go back to, but it seems that the graphs have been inaccurate ever since they went to the "pretty" version.  I trusted the old ones with the red and black line graphs.  Is the only fix right now to go back to an older version? Which version do i go back to?

    What I'm experiencing is that for instance looking at my WAN graph I know my DSL connection is only 10Mbits down and 768Kbps up but when I do a speed test, the new pretty wan graph can spike to 15 or more Mbps and shows sometimes up to 3Mbps upload.  I know about the setting chainging bits to bytes and I know that's not it.  I turned off my traffic shaper also just on the chance it was measuring packets before they were queued.

    I'm experiencing some issues with HFSC traffic shaper on another firewall also.  I set the interface bandwidth to almost double the available bandwidth from the ISP and it is still queuing packets on the firewall and not achieving full link speed of 5Mbps.  Could there be a correlation or underlying bug that is affecting bandwidth measurements across the firewall?

  • I'm seeing this also. Traffic graphs sometimes show bandwith that are impossible within my network. (8x the max for example).

    Also the mouse overlay to see actual troughput is very unfriendly for the admin. I think the instant troughtput should return in text mode always visible.

  • I can concur, my traffic graphs show 4Mb/s when the switch port that it is connected to reports 40Mb/s.  It's off by a factor of 10x.  Interestingly enough, the SNMP data pulled by Observium from pfSense shows 40Mb/s.

  • @Mike5906:

    It's off by a factor of 10x

    I had the same thing, but after seeing this I checked and found the graphs on my dashboard were set to BYTES, not BITS, so they were actually correct. I guess the ones on the Traffic Graph page are set to BYTES as well, but I can't see a way to change them, which is very confusing given that the table on the right is using BITS.

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