Live monitoring

  • Hello, I'm new in pfsense and I'm trying to find something that I used to use a lot on Microsoft TMG.
    On TMG I could start a query in realtime to see which rule allows or blocks something that I just did.

    For example if wanted to go to a shared directory on a server nad that there was a rule named "sharing" which was blocking it, i would see clientx denied server by rule "sharing".

    it helps a lot to see why something is not working.

    does such an option exist on pfsense?
    tahnk you.

  • Activate logging in each firewall rule you created. In the log settings (Status > System Logs > Settings) activate the displaying of descriptions. Then you can find the respective rule in the Firewall logs.

  • Thank you, it works but not as smoothly than TMG.

    • Is there a way to enable for all rules?

    • Is it possible to see it live like in TMG or do I always have to refresh the page my self?

    thank you.

  • thnx

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