Gateways not considered down when they should be

  • I have a setup where my two modems are going to my managed switch and they are on a separate VLAN. My pFSense setup is virtualized with 5 VMX adapters for WAN, WAN2, LAN, GUEST, REMOTE.

    I only have WAN2 connected so WAN is currently link up but can not get an ip address. It says in the dashboard but pending under gateway status. It is not considered down so the default gateway does not switch to WAN2, I can't do DNS lookups because internally it is not using WAN2. Is this the way pFsense is designed to handle multi-wan and failover?

  • Might be something with the DNS resolver, ubound. It was set up to use all interfaces for outbound but I selected WAN2 for now and I can resolve addresses. Wonder how this is supposed to play with default gateways and when they go down…

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