Captive Portal / Captive Portal Auth / Squid Proxy / Squid Proxy ACLGroups

  • Hi,,

    Not sure this is possible but I have devices on the local LAN ( which currently use SquidProxy transparent mode on LAN interface with no AUTH and all works fine as it should.

    I then have captive portal running on OPT1 ( which is enabled on squid proxy which works along side the proxy setup with the above with no auth

    What I would like to do is enable auth for OPT1 and link it with squid ACL Groups so I can have a friends group with no restrictions and say a kids account with restrictions.

    Now if I enable AUTH it affects OPT1 as I would expect but it also then requires auth for my local network which I don't want ideally.

    Any suggestions on a work around or if I'm doing something wrong ? If you need any more info let me know.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Banned

    Put the LAN subnet to unrestricted IPs.

  • Buy this man a beer !!!

    Spot on and thank you for your help !!!

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