VLAN Trunk / Tagging and Transparent Firewall

  • Hello guys,

    I have a setup as follow:

    Two NICs, where fxp0 is connected to non-trunking WAN, and fxp1 is connected to Cisco Catalyst 2950 in Trunking mode. VLAN900 (OPT1) is created and bridged with WAN. Native VLAN901 is set on the switch and the VLAN Trunk / Tagging is working correctly. Nodes on VLAN900 is able to ping the pfsense firewall.

    After verifying VLAN is working, I have Filtering Bridge enabled. However it just forwards all traffic between WAN and OPT1 without respect to the firewall rules set on the VLAN interface OPT1.

    Is there any solution to overcome this or I have done something incorrectly? Thanks!

  • err I might be mistaken but i'm sure theres a setting you need to enable to apply firewall rules when you bridge interfaces. Was very late the other night when I did my setup so a lot of the optins blend nicely into a red page in my brain..  ;)

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