Selective routing with proxy

  • Hey,

    What I want to achieve is the following:

    • VPN interface (PIA) with all traffic by default through it

    • Some IPs (either source or destination) routed via normal WAN (e.g. probably would try to add netflix, as otherwise it screams. Either destination or simply the box local IP)

    • Have a switch on my mac where I can temporarily disable the VPN

    So in short: All the web browsing I do from my mac goes out via VPN, but when something doesn't work, I can still "do something", so that I go out the normal WAN. And that "do something" is NOT removing my IP from the firewall.

    My idea is having a proxy on the pfSense box that goes out via WAN and not VPN and then configure that proxy (ideally via some bash/python/applescipt) to turn on or off.

    Any ideas on how to approach this setup?

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