For Honor >> Open but Strict??

  • So I just recently got the game For Honor and noticed that I had a strict NAT type. I knew that Ubisoft had been having some server problems so I thought that it would go away after they fixed them.

    Although, even after they fixed the servers, my NAT type is still strict. I've enabled UPnP & NAT-PMP and it's still strict! Rainbow 6 Siege, another Ubisoft game, says that I have an Open NAT type. I'm very confused…

    Please help!!

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  • I have the same issue here with for honor. I have no issues using port forward with other applications.
    Port forward or upnp simply does not work.

    Lots of users have issues with for honor and the network connectivity.

  • Has anyone found a fix yet? :/

  • I finally fixed it, at least here  :)

    Turns out that using UPnP and plain portforward didn't work. Adding static port on uplay destination ports didn't help either.
    But, also adding static on the outbound where the source ports are uplay ports did!

    Seems like when a client access uplay servers the clients address and port are saved and then forwarded to other users for
    them to connect to. Standard (i think) for a router is to use a random port for outgoing traffic.

    I've used these ports for uplay service: 13000  13005  13200  14000-14001  14008  14020-14024  3075  14027-14028  14043  3074  9103  10010  80  443  11085, both udp and tcp on all.

    In reality i guess only port 3074 udp is required because that's the only one For Honor sets up if you use upnp service.

    So i have portforwarded the uplay ports and then in outbound set static port on both source and destination as two separate rules.

    This might also help with other Ubisoft games like Rainbow 6 which also gives users problems.
    In my rules Max is the computer which runs For Honor.
    Some screenshots:

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    Hey all, super sorry to necro an old thread but it has pertinent information and screenshots.

    I was able to get For Honor working with the static outbound rules, however I am running into an issue where I have 2 roomates who also play and while the nat rule works for the first PC in the rule list, the other 2 never get the traffic. I tried adding an alias with the hosts specified, but this doesnt seem to work.

    I come from cisco where we could forward nat traffic to a range of hosts, or even a subnet. How would I accomplish the same thing with PFsense?


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