Solved: Routing some traffic over the OpenVPN Gateway

  • Hi!
    PFSense as a client is connecting to an OVPN Server, Interface is configured, Gateway is up and online (Pinging, Firewall Rule in LAN is set up for an Alias that includes an IP and in that rule the Gateway of the openvpn Interface is selected.
    Pinging from the interface in the pfs gui works and packet capture shows the packets:
    08:27:39.392069 IP > ICMP echo request, id 10465, seq 19450, length 8
    08:27:39.447980 IP > ICMP echo reply, id 10465, seq 19450, length 8

    IPs  Remote GW  Remote OpenVPN Server        Remote OpenVPN Server IP Subnet      Local OpenVPN Client IP  Local IP of LAN Client to use the OpenVPN GW

    When using the client, I see packets with packet capture going through the interface but nothing returning. My guess is that I am missing a route our rule, but I don't know where. The remote GW, the OVPN Server, the PFS???

    Thank you for your help!

  • I figured it out.
    It was the Manual Outbound NAT rule generation rules that had to be configured. I used this guide:
    But instead of using the WAN interface I had to use the vpn interface which I created from the Openvpn Client connection.
    Good Luck!

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