WebGUI Slow with certain pages

  • I'm experiencing an issue with some pages on the WebGUI being slow. No errors seem to be logged about anything in /var/log about PHP having problems, and there is at most a 10% load. It's been happening since 2.2 and up to 2.3.3 but I can't seem to find the root cause. I did a backup and reinstall of 2.3.3 and restored the config and the problem remained. It almost seems like some process is waiting for something for a few seconds before timing out (or getting a response?).

    Anyone have ideas on how to debug this? Running on a Xeon E3 with 16GB RAM on a 120GB SSD and a quad port Intel NIC… so it shouldn't be hardware-caused.

    Most notably with firewall_rules.php and other firewall rules related pages. Enabling or disabling can take up to 2 minutes before the page displays anything. Other pages are instant nonetheless.

  • Seeing similar issues here on an SG-4860.  I run a 4 column dashboard and often just getting back to the dashboard it will paint the first two columns on the left and 4 or 5 seconds later it paints the last 2 columns.  Just moving from widget to application can be slow as well.  There are also some menu-lockouts when certain functions are running.

    related to NGINX??