Openvpn issues some guidance please!

  • so i installed openvpn and followed a guide on youtube. but my cellhpone wont connect to my server i can fix computers day in and out but networking is bar far my weakest area if someone could take a look at home my network is setup and offer suggestions that would be great.

    i have the following setup

    Internet modem

    then a cisco router 192.168.1.X  (my home network)

    from there it goes to my PFsense box 192.168.2.x  (my business network) i have open vpn installed directly on the pfsens box

    i have tried to ping my pfsense box from my home network no luck unless i turn off the firewall.  i have the cisco router port forwarding the openvpn port to the pf sens box. even after i turn of pf sens firewall i still cant make a  connection to the vpn

    any help would be great thanks

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