OpenVPN Client Export fault in export for TAP and IOS/Android

  • Hello,

    I was just adding a TAP based OpenVPN server (for the purpose of bridging LAN) on port 1195 and already have an existing OpenVPN Server on 1194
    and have now found a bug in the Client Export function.

    If I select the "1195" server that is TAP based and select "Inline - OpenVPN Connect (IOS and Android)" and save the file
    and then try to use it, it complaints against TUN failure instead of TAP.

    I then opened the file created and saw that it was missing the "dev tap" option.

    Then tried "Inline - Android" with same thing.
    If I select "Standard Config - Config Only" then "dev tap" is included on the first line.

    Right now, TAP is not available on Android and IOS in non-rooted mode, but still I think this is a bug.  Shouldn't "dev tap" be included in the config file?

    Dan Lundqvist
    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    dev tap isn't included in that on purpose because, as you stated, those devices don't support tap. If you load that config into the app it would fail to import or function because of the dev tap line.

    The way the export package is coded it isn't feasible to disable those export buttons for some VPNs and not others, so we err on the side of not creating invalid configuration files for the platform.

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