Firewall rules exception for specific IP

  • Hi guys,
    I'm new in pfsense, I've configured all but I would ask a question: there is any mode to create an exceptions for one or more ip in firewall rules? I've blocked facebook, but it's lock also whatsapp, can I exclude from this rule any ip?

    Thank you
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  • The rules are checked from top to the bottom for matching. If a rule matches it is applied and other rules are ignored.

    So if you want to allow traffic for one IP which is blocked in one of your rules, you may add an additional allow rule for this IP and put it above of the block rule.

    Another way is to use the "Invert match." option at source or destination in a firewall rule. With that you can exclude one address from matching and the rule is only applied to all other IPs than the one you've entered.

  • Thank's a lot. It's work!

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