OpenVPN client (outbound) problem on Multi-WAN setup

  • Hi

    this happens on both 2.3.2 P1 and 2.3.3

    Before I begin let me say that when only having  One WAN/GATEWAY created and configured, openvpn connects fine to the server. I tested it.


    With three WANs/ Gateways created, I see in the logs that openvpn always binds it self to the WAN nº1

    • It ignores the default gateway we choose in pfsense gateways setup.
    • It ignores the gateway status. It binds to WAN nº1 even if its flagged as Offline.


  • Never Mind.    Turns out OpenVPN Interface options must have "any" selected.  It was WAN only before.

    Is this still safe to chose any?


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