SIP - MOS Scoring for Calls $400

  • We currently use Edgewaternetworks Edgemac devices for Voip deployments.  The traffic shaping/ALG is extremely good.  We have tested PFSense and it provides excellent traffic shaping for VOIP as well.  We prefer every other aspect of PFSense besides Edgewater's ability to score VOIP calls (MOS Scores).

    We are currently looking for someone to develop a MOS scoring package for pfSense.


    • Must be configurable to alert in syslog.

    • Must log start/end of calls.  At the end of the call it should display the lowest MOS score in the call and the average MOS score.

    • Must be able to set a low MOS score threshold.  Since 4.40 is perfect and 1 is lowest, we should be able to set a threshold of 3.98 (just an example) and have syslog report that the threshold was crossed.

    • When an active call crosses below the threshold, it should make a syslog entry in real-time.

    • Each call should have a unique ID number so that we can find calls in the log.  Each syslog entry for call status should have the call ID in it.

    • Must be an embedded version.

    I am putting out the $400 to see if there are others with interest.  If there is I can contribute more.

  • Your subject says 400$ and your post says 500$.
    This is definitely of interest to me, I will try to get a small budget from my boss next week to add to the bounty.

  • Thanks for the heads up.  I fixed the subject and body to match.  Really, if there is more interest in this I can contribute a lot more $$.

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