OpenVPN bridge

  • Hello!!

    I've been trying now for days using various resources I've googled, but I just can't seem to make this work the way I would expect.

    Here's what I have and what I'm trying to do and why.

    I have two networks presently connected via OpenVPN in tun mode:

    In routed tun mode, things work great, I can communicate just fine between the networks.

    For various reasons (voip, tablo, multicast, etc) I want instead to bridge the networks and use a single subnet:

    I've presently tried every tutorial, description, and suggestion I can find and none seem to work.  I've tried creating a tap tunnel using peer to peer (when I do this, the bridging settings are unavailable (circle with slash through) and even if I manually bridge the interfaces, it doesn't pass traffic.

    I'm currently testing the environment using ESX with 4 vms.  2 pfSense vms and 2 windows vms.

    I have three simulated networks, WAN, LAN1, and LAN2

    When running in tun mode, things work as expected.  In all the various ways I've tried creating tap connections, it always fails. (Peer to peer, SSL/TLS user auth, SSL/TLS with cert) etc.

    I've made sure to change the lan interface on both pfsense boxes to /23 and the subnet mask on the windows boxes to

    Still can't seem to get any love out of this!

    In short, can anyone tell me how on earth I can basically make a pfsense box at either end of a vpn into, basically, a virtual ethernet cable, as opposed to a routing device?

    Thanks in advance!