Squid routing

  • Hello, I have been playing with pfSense for a little bit now and have setup a gateway with 3 vpn connections that works great for any device behind the lan. I would also like to add a squid proxy that can route trafic though the gateway as well but that is where the problem comes.

    When I had only 1 vpn connection and had it binding the proxy worked, but once i had the vpn connections not bind and formed a gateway to load balance all 3 now the proxy just bypasses the vpn and sends trafic out the wan connection, which should be blocked by firewall rules but is somehow bypassing it.

    Can anyone shed some light is this just a simple issue i just need to make some routes or does this just not play nice with load balancing vpn gateway?

    Thank you.

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    Unless you are able to somehow match the traffic from localhost via floating rules, this won't work.

  • thats what i was thinking, thank you