Unable to ping host after installation

  • Hi,

    I recently installed pfsene on vmware workstation by following the below article


    My Observations:

    • New vm's is successfully able to get ip from pfsense

    • Able to access pfsense web GUI from another VM

    • I am also able to ping from new vm(i know its obvious, just letting you know.. :))

    But i am unable to do two things,

    1. Unable to ping the host PC(by selecting 7 in options in pfsense)
    2. Even after configuring DNS server as i am unable to access the internet

    Kindly let me let where i could have possibly gone wrong

  • probably an issue with your virtual-networking configuration

    you probably want the virtual-WAN to set to "bridged" inside the vmware workstation configuration for the pfsense-VM

  • Hi,

    I have set two network cards for the pfsense VM,

    The first one is set to Bridged and the second one is set to VMnet1(Host-Only)

    I too feel its the Virtual network but not sure which part of it is wrong..

  • perhaps you need to uncheck "Block private networks and loopback addresses ' on you pfsense wan interface?