Change OVPN Port from console

  • Hi there… I've done something stupid...

    In my attempts to connect to my home VPN server from work, I've managed to lock myself out.
    Here's what happened:
    1. My OVPN home server connects on 1194
    2. My office blocks outbound connections on 1194 - therefore could not connect
    3. I already have a web server connecting at home on 443, so I changed my OVPN server to listen on 80 - which was also my WEBGui
    4. Now I can't connect to OVPN - my office seems to be blocking outbound, encrypted traffic on 80 - and I can't connect to the WEBGui on 80

    When I get home and have access to the machine, I can get into the console ... or can I connect to the pfSense box on 80 from the LAN?  Maybe I can do that... just thought of that as I was writing this...
    OVPN is listening on 80 but to the WAN port, if I connect to from within the LAN I should be able to get to the pfSense config, right?

    Otherwise, my question was going to be either:
    A) how do I shut off the OVPN server from the console? or..
    B) how can I change the port the WEBGui is using from the console?

    Would either of those work?  I know if I shut down the OVPN server, there's still firewall rules sending packets from the WAN side to port 80 of the pfSense box.