Problem getting wifi up and running

  • Hey guys,

    Upgraded my hardware for my pfsense machine about 4 months ago, and I have been oversea's for a while. My family says that all has been fine and they have lost no connectivity etc. When I reinstalled pfsense 1.2.1 on my new machine 4 months ago, I just backed up old setting from old firewall, and uploaded the settings to new machine. Everything works fantastic accept for wireless. I have DHCP turned on for OPT1 interface, OPT1 interface is on, firewall rules are properly set, but interface state for OPT1 (wifi) says: no carrier. I am unable to even veiw the network on any of my laptops etc. All subnets are set properly as well and have been tripple checked.

    What do you think could be the problem?

    Thanks guys!!

  • Could it be that you set the mode to infrastructure instead of accesspoint?

  • How that flew past my head I don't know…..

    GruensFroeschli I am now up and running.

    THANK you sir!

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