VPN tunnel in VPN tunnel problem

  • I have pfs 2.3.3 VPN server and connecting with a openvpn client is working.

    I also have another pfs 2.3.3 setup with a VPN client connection to another provider. Using this connection with my previous working openvpn client is intermittent. It always connect to my pfs VPN server and I am able to ping but other services such as remote desktop sometimes gets disconnected immediately. The connection is useless in this state. The environment is stable and has a single user. I am looking for a way to troubleshoot this problem because on occasions the tunnel in a tunnel would work properly. Any ideas?

  • Hi, do you use udp or tcp?
    With tcp you get problems because of ovpn use tcp and the windows rdp, so you have duoble checks and this can brocke your connection.

    Use your vpn in udp mode and it should work. Port 3389 is also allowed on both sides?

  • Thanks for your input. I am using UDP 443 for both openvpn clients. The double openvpn client setup connects and ping works consistently. Other protocols like RDP, VNC and HTTP is a hit or miss. Don't know what has changed when they do work. It is a bit of a puzzle. I have it tested in a lab environment before going on the road and never had a problem. Only difference is my connection speed in lab was 1Gbps and on the road it is only 5Mbps.

    The single openvpn client works like a charm.