Ad-Hoc mode: throttling down to 11b

  • I was testing AP vs. Ad-Hoc mode, exact same interface & antennas, and I noticed that Ad-Hoc connections from my laptops are getting throttled down to "B" 11mbps consistantly; however, connections while in AP/hostap mode from the same laptops are "G" 54mbps.  Note, I am changing nothing on the gui other than AP/Ad-Hoc mode drop down box.  The only unusual setting I have is odfm=cts/rts.  Any insights are appreciated.
    Thank you,  -Pete

  • many wireless cards follow the ad hoc standaard
    this is only 11b comunication on ad hoc connections

  • I see.  When a laptop that is only capable of 11b in ad-hoc connects, does it also cause all other ad-hoc 11g 54mbps connections to be throttled down to 11b?  Even with odfm=cts/rts?  I have the 11g only checkbox enabled in the pfSense GUI but it still let the laptop connect, presumably because it is technically capable of 11g in AP Client mode.

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