FTP Problem when using wifi

  • I have been using pfSense for quite a while now and I am very happy with it, but a new issue has come up that puzzles me. I have a my box setup with a D-Link wireless card as an access point. It has been working great but today I noticed that anything connected to the wireless is unable to access external ftp sites. When plugged into the ethernet it works fine. I have all traffic allowed out of the wireless interface, but ftp still fails. I am sure it is something simple, but in any case I keep over looking it.

  • Is the wireless a separate subnet or bridged with LAN? Is the FTP helper enabled on the wireless interface?

  • The wireless is bridged with the LAN connection and I did keep the underland ftp helper enabled

  • I have run into a similar problem. In order to have the LAN be available on two ports, I have bridged LAN and OPT1 (Referred to as LAN2). However I can only access external FTP servers from a machine connected to LAN, but not from LAN2, I have tried with the FTP helper both enabled and disabled, in either case FTP doesn't work.

    Does anybody know if there's a problem with bridged interfaces and the FTP helper?