Bounty: $100 to solve VPN configuration problem/question

  • I have a pfsense unit with an IPsec VPN to our central IPsec vpn concentrator.

    I need the pfSense configuration to

    1. force all traffic from the local subnet to ALL destinations across the VPN to the internet gateway when the VPN is up and
    2. bypass the VPN when the VPN is down.
      We have this configuration working on a fortinet 50b at a remote office with lan address
      Would like to know if pfSense is a viable replacement candidate for the 50B(s)

    fortinet lan subnet is
    pfSense lan subnet is
    HQ subnet is
    central IPsec vpn concentrator lan port is at
    colo internet UTM gateway lan port is at

    I will gladly pay $100 to the person that provides a working solution to the configuration requirements.

  • A hint for the person that does it.
    Just add the ipsec interface to the loadbalancer pool options.

  • Does ANYONE know if this is even possible, let alone know how to do it ?

  • decided to purchase commercial support

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