WAN - LAN - WIFI -DMZ(bridged to WAN) configuration

  • Hello to all,

    I am trying to create the network shown below :

    WAN ------- pfsense------ WIFI (opt1)
                          |--------- DMZ (opt2) bridged to WAN

    I have enabled filtering bridge. Access from WAN to DMZ is by default blocked and  I can use specific rules to open specific services to specific servers.

    The problem is about configuring access from the other interfaces to DMZ. I have already practiced with WIFI and it seems that traffic is not disabled by default from WIFI to DMZ. It is not even  possible to block access even if I use block rules in the WIFI interface.

    Am  missing something???

  • I have examined the logs and the connection between a WIFI_IP and port 80 of a DMZ_IP xxx.xxx.xxx.198:80 is passed as the connection between and

    It seems that for a strange reason pfsense box regards that the connection is not being made to the DMZ server xxx.xxx.xxx.198 but to the box itself

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