Hotel brand requirements

  • I'm working on a new hotel project using pfsense as the captive portal. Some of the things required are a billing option where the guest can pay for a faster bandwidth. Say for example internet is free for a 4mb/s connection but $7 for a 20 mb/s connection. Also, accept that payment via paypal or some other credit card processor.  Wifi service in a meeting room would be free.

    I'm a rather basic captive portal user so far.  Would some sort of radius server add on do this? I'm told there are cloud radius providers that handle this, is that my best option?  Or should I have a voucher setup that grants a higher level of internet access?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Vouchers can't have different speed components, so that doesn't help you reach your goal.

    A RADIUS server that handled the billing and passing back different bandwidth values would get the job done. Whether you host that locally or remotely is up to you, but personally I wouldn't want to send RADIUS traffic across the Internet unless it was through a VPN.

  • Thanks!  More to learn!

    Would the netgate team assist with the radius setup and deployment? If yes, I will reach out to them.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You could run it by the Professional Services crew but I don't think we've gone so far as setting up external auth servers of that nature before.

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