Broken tab menu

  • Suddenly the tab menu under firewall/rules started appearing as a dropdown menu (check dropdown.png). It's the only menu that appears like this. All other menus appear as tab menus like they should (for example: tabs.png).

    I'm not really sure what caused this, but I wanted to ask if there is a way to fix it? I've tried clearing my cache and using a different browser, but neither helped.

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    This is not broken, this is by design when you have too many interfaces.

  • OK, thank you for the explanation. I didn't realize that my interfaces grew quite a lot in number.

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    Just to add here, the limit IIRC is not the number of interfaces but the number of characters for all the tabs. Something around 80+. So, if you can make the interface names shorter, you might get rid of the dropdown.

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