Route-gateway wrong with server-bridge dhcp set

  • Good morning,

    We are currently using pfsense as a road-warrior vpn service, bridged to a subnet that already has a (non-pfsense) router.  I'm having a problem with the openvpn service .  The service is running in tap mode to a bridge on LAN, for which the pfsense server is not the primary gateway.

    (I've changed the first 2 octets to 10.1 in the following output- the real subnet is internet route-able) - non-pfsense router gateway - pfsense LAN interface

    LAN has properly set as its interface gateway, yet openvpn still pushes "route-gateway" when a client connects (along with the proper ifconfig address).  This of course means that traffic isnt flowing, as isn't a forwarding gateway for the network. is defined as the gateway for the LAN interface, and is also specified in the DHCP config as the gateway.

    Please note that the bridge is working.  If i leave out the "server bridge dhcp start" range, windows clients do pass through and get an address from the DHCP server on the LAN interface.  This isnt workable for us tho, as the linux clients need the ifconfig line pushed.

    relevant openvpn settings:

    bridge dhcp : checked
    bridge interface : LAN
    server bridge dhcp start:
    server bridge dhcp end:
    redirect-gateway: checked
    no extra options set

    I've tried unchecking redirect-gateway and adding my own push "route-gateway" with the proper gateway, but the service still sets it to

    029838/Z.Z.Z.51:1194 SENT CONTROL [029838]: 'PUSH_REPLY,dhcp-option DNS X.X.X.X,dhcp-option DNS Y.Y.Y.Y,redirect-gateway def1,route-gateway,ping 10,ping-restart 60,ifconfig' (status=1)

    Am i missing something?  is there a way to tell openvpn to use the correct value for route-gateway?



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    For a bridged setup, our config doesn't specify that, so it uses whatever OpenVPN decides to use. That gets muddy when a bridge is involved, since OpenVPN doesn't have any knowledge of what the "real" gateway should be.

    Have you tried setting "route gateway;" in the advanced options of the server (without using push) to see if that kicks it in?

    Alternately, you can push route statements to the clients that include a gateway using advanced options for example:

    push "route x.x.x.0";

  • I found a workaround of sorts:

    • unchecked the "bridge dhcp" box
    • left "bridge interface" set to none
    • left "server bridge dhcp start" and "end" blank

    in custom options i added:

    server-bridge; push "redirect-gateway def1"

    (it was the "server bridge" command that was setting the wrong gateway in the openvpn config.  As i wanted to keep all config in the xml, this seemed like the easiest workaround)



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