First VPN

  • Good evening.
    How i can create a VPN between two sites, A and B, where in A there is pfsense firewall and in B there is a simple modem BT business hub.
    Can you guide me step by step please?

  • I don't think you can establish a vpn tunnel between a router at A and a hub at B.  You need a router at each end, A serving as VPN server and B serving as a client.  Or there's a site-to-site setup, depending on how you want to route your network traffic.  There are guides to get you started for either a remote access vpn server, or site-to-site connection, just google these terms

  • "simple modem BT business hub."

    Pretty sure thats some marketing words and not referring to a "network hub". its probably a router provided by an ISP such as british telecom. Just a guess.

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