Is decent openvpn site-site performance possible on ANY hardware? 400Mb/s+?

  • Is achieving 400Mbit/s via openvpn on pfsense possible? My two endpoints are an i7-4770k (3.9Ghz tubo) and an E5-2680v3 (3.3Ghz turbo). Running linux on both of these machine openvpn taps out my 400Mbit/s WAN connection out of the box with 0 configuration changes. On pfsense 2.4 the most i've seen is ~150Mbit/s. I've tried every imaginable combination of rcvbuf/sndbuf, mtu, mssfix and fragment settings. They make no difference in pfsense land. I've tried aes-cbc and aes-gcm. CPU usage is low during these tests, 2-3%.

    Is there some magic setting i'm missing? At this point I mostly want to hear if anyone else has succeeded so at least I know it is technically possible. Thanks for any help!

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