PfSense in a hyper-v virtual machine

  • Hi,

    I have configured my pfsense firewall in windows hyper-v virtual machine.
    My setup is:
    isp router > intel dual port nic (one wan and the other lan) these are used by virtual switches within pfsense which windows cannot use. > the lan side is connected to a switch > then other pcs are connected to the switch.
    The only was I can connect to the internet and pfsense web configuration is by connecting the switch to the isp router.

    Basically I want the traffic to come through the isp router and go through pfsense and  then switch. I dont want the switch to be directly connected via the isp router.
    How can I resolve this issue?

    Thanks in advance for the help.


  • I have the same setup, it is working flawlessly.

    What exactly is your problem?

    Can you determine where the traffic stops? It might be either that your Hyper-V networking is misconfigured (not too many choices.. though LAN and WAN might be mixed up between pfSense and Host) or you might also have to create some firewall rules to allow LAN to access WAN or some other reasons.

    A little more information, also on what you have tried and how you set up, would help with determining the problem.

  • I have the same configuration. Dual nic, both connected to virtual switches. The nic connected to the virtual lan switch is connected to a physical switch. The nic connected to the virtual wan switch is connected to a bridged port on the modem. The management interface for the hyper-v server is connected to the virtual lan switch.

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