Site to site openVpn , can't access remote lan .

  • Hello every one ,
    i have configured a openvpn server and client ,  the client status is up , 
    the problem is that i can't access the remote lan ,

    i already added a rull in openVpn tab ( any any any  just for test ) ,

    i'm using the 2.3.3_p1 version ,

  • Did you remember to add the route to the remote lan (client network) and did you add the iroute on the connecting client?

  • no i didn't ,  how's that ?

  • In the server settings enter the appropriate data in the Local networks and the remote networks box and at client site set the remote networks.

    Remember that you need proper rules at both sites.

  • all setting was right ,  i havn't mentioned that one of the pfsense version is , 2.0.2  :-\  :(
    i'll install the new 2.3.3 version this week and try again , 
    thank you for help any way ^^

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