OpenVPN with Multiple gateways same subnet

  • Successfully Created & establish OpenVPN connection to the server from remote client, I can
    Ping and RDM with my LAN Clients whose default gateway pointed to PFsense fire wall.
    I have and second gateway in same subnet, clients pointed to my second gateway (TMG )not able to ping from my remotevpn computer
    Is there any way to communicate without changing default gateway for the second group?
    VPN client tunnel IP=
    May LAN =
    PFsense  fire wall gateway -
    ISA Fire wall (gateway ) -

  • Tinkering with nat is a bit of a hack, but can work.

    You basically nat your vpn subnet into the lan

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Yeah outbound NAT on LAN sourced from the OpenVPN tunnel network with a destination of LAN (or a subset of LAN hosts) NAT address should be the interface address (or a VIP).

  • thanks for your advice

    please elaborate on NAT interface 
    Protocol –TCP
    Destination LAN address
    Destination port ?
    Redirect Target = ?
    And redirect port ?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Yeah outbound NAT on LAN

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