Help blocking specific web pages. Not whole domains.

  • I'm hoping to get some help, I want to block specific Youtube videos without blocking all of Youtube.  I'm hoping to do it in Pfsense and I thought pfBlockerNG would be the package to do it.  I don't want to have to install more software on every device, Mac, PC, Android, Linux…..  Basically I want to be able to go through the history and if I see a questionable video (random youtube video I want to be able to drop that URL into a block list and have that page redirected to an error screen.  Is there any way to block single specific urls?

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    Not with DNS.

  • pfBlockerNG blocks whole servers (by IP address or whole domains like and is not selective beyond that.

    pfSense can do more fine-grained filtering using the Squid and SquidGuard packages.

  • Ok, so I have to set up the man in the middle to intercept Https and get a CA to every device then block the pages in Squid or squidguard….  Thanks for the help.

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