$100, Simple addon to post to a url every 1 minute, some basic info.

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    $50, possibly more depending on options you can throw in.

    Premise:  We all want to monitor our pfSense units remotely, but we also want them to be secure.  And not have to open ports to do so.

    A addon module could fairly easily be built, to POST over http(s), the units hostname, wan ip, cpu usage, memory usage, and states(X/Y).

    The module should have a configurable timer, and url field to be posted too.  And timing options should follow the normal Cron scheme.

    using a cronjob to execute the task would be fine.  Ideally we could have it post all the basic info of the unit to the url, perhaps including its Version and disk space also, so to help us discover units which are behind on updates.

    Doing this would allow admins to build their own backend to receive these posts, in the language of their choosing, php, python, aspx, whatever their poison.

    I believe this would be extremely simple to build.  Logging all of this into a database would be able to yield when a unit were to drop offline if it failed to report for more than 60 seconds, without having to enable ping or other services to the outside, or install agent programs on anything.

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    Price doubled.

  • I can do it for you…

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