Hosted pfSense VPS

  • Hi All,

    Just installed pfSense on a VPS (Vultr)

    When I'm in the control panel and when I start the server I can access the server though a VNC console.

    I reach the console menu without any login and password.
    Is there any tuning to prevent that.
    However when I HTTPS or SSH the server I need to give my credentials.


  • Hi All,
    Found out the solution.
    Following a fresh install by default the console menu is not login and password protected.
    Anyway go to System/Advanced/Admin Access
    In the Console options check the Password protect the console menu

  • My understanding is that the console is only accessible via your 'very secure' vultr username & password?

    So while it's a potential risk, it shouldn't be a major problem during setup & provisioning.

    But definitely appreciate the link for securing this.

    Do you have any feedback on pfsense on Vultr, long-term?

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