Configure OpenVPN with ExpressVPN

  • Hey guys!
    I've a problem I'm dealing for 1 week.

    I want to configure OpenVPN using ExpressVPN provider. What I have now is a .ovpn file with all configuration such as CA, certificate username, password and all the stuff to run a VPN.

    To understand whether it works or not I tried this configuration using Tunnleblick and it works fine.

    Does anyone know why, after having configurated everything, If I go to the Status > Gateway in my PFSense panel, it looks my VPN is offline. Is there a procedure to set everything up I can follow?

  • What does it show when you go into the OpenVPN status page?

    I would start by checking your OpenVPN log to see if there is a problem.

    You may want to post some screen shots of the settings you used to configure your openvpn client and the  ovpn file itself.

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