Captive portal + Squid cache

  • Hello there,

    I have been using pfsense with modesty for two years now for a Theme Park.

    Here's my question : We have a captive portal setup with squid and squidguard. There is no authentication on captive portal, users just agree with our conditions and I log mac addresses and access.log.

    We use captive portal bandwidth management per user.

    This year Theme Park asked me if I could (there is no LTE there) cache an app they developed which is on google Play-Store.

    So here are my questions :

    Can I cache playstore stuff ?

    Is it possible to lift bandwidth throttling when elements from the cache are accessed ? (otherwise what's the point of caching downloads if users download them at same speed from the internet and from the cache ?)

    Hope my english is understandable enough.

    Glad to finally catch up with you.

    Thank you,


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