• I have setup a OpenVPN server on Pfsense 2.2.6 and am able to connect and see network shares, I can ping in both directions across the tunnel but I can't seem to get Remote Desktop to connect. DNS seems to be working because it will resolve names on the local network.

    I have disabled the firewall on the remote host for testing.
    I have a dual wan setup and have implemented this

    It just seems odd that I can ping, tracert, and DNS across the tunnel but not RDP.

    Any suggestions?

  • Use packet capture on the LAN interface to see if you get response from the host. I'm in doubt.

  • Works for me, although RDP is a little sketchy at times. It works perfectly on one PC but sometimes has problems connecting to another. Try playing around with the network file sharing and control panel settings. They can be annoying.

    TeamViewer works fine; I have it set to access over local lan exclusively. Occasionally I use TV over the internet but use a complex very long custom password. Usually it's access over local lan only.

    Once you're on the local lan, use RDP and connect using the IP address: for example, not using the pc name such as PC123.

    In fact, I use it extensively on occasion. My 12 inch android tablet has a RDP client program. Since most hotel internet is slow, I can use the home server as the main processor and only need to use the hotel internet to talk to the home laptop.

    That's all.

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