Openvpn site to site WAN to VLAN

  • I am trying to setup an openVPN site to site connection to our other location. The other location has a few vlans. I want the site to site connection to connect to one specific vlan. I have the connection set to the WAN interface from our main location, but not sure how to connect to the specific VLAN.

    I have setup a SERVER under OpenVPN Servers at the main site with the following attributes:
    Shared Key.
    Tunnel Network (LAN Address for main site is
    IPV4 Remote Network (This is the address of the LAN interface of the remote site. The VLAN adress of the remote site is
    Local Port is 60261

    On the Pfsense Router at the remote site, I have setup a client under VPN/OpenVPN/Clients.
    Server Host is the external IP address of the main site WAN interface
    Server Port is 60261
    Copied and pasted Shared Key from the main location OpenVPN server.
    IPV4 Tunnel
    IPV4 Remote
    I have an OpenVPN firewall Rule going Any to Any with the port 60261

    When I check the status of OpenVPN on the remote site, it shows as UP.

    Wondering how to point traffic on the remote site from the WAN interface to the VLAN and vice versa.

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