How to connect my pfSense router to a private openVPN server

  • Hi, i have a pfSense router at home.

    I also have a VPS running an openVPN server. I am currently connecting to it via a vpn client on my mac. I wish to expand this to my pfSense router meaning i want my pfsense router to connect to the vpn so all pc's / devices on my network will go trough this.

    I have a .ovpn file that has all ca,cert and so on.. I need to know how to use these + server ip and so on to set it all up



  • import your CA and your cert+key in pfsense.
    use the .ovpn file to configure a vpn client on pfsense.  after configuring, make sure it connects in the OVPN logs. 
    You'll need to assign and enable an interface, check the routing, create any rules you need (connecting clients entering your LAN through the VPN tunnel to other subnets inside your LAN).

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