Mac adress problim

  • Helloo friend's  i have some prblim in my pfsense sarver i useing captive portal page and mac fltring but one user using my add user mobile mac number and using my internet with out login my page and my user caplint to me his internet not working also avible one softwer he show to my all user mac number plesa help me how solwe this prblim and how is posibel to don't  show my user mac number plesa help

  • If i hadn't looked at your previous posts i would have taken you for a spam bot and banned you.
    You really could run your post at least through some basic spell-checking…

    As for your problem: There is no way to prevent someone from cloning your MAC address and using it to circumvent your MAC-lock.
    That's mainly the reason why MAC-based ACLs are not considered useful.

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