After ~2 weeks, pfsense kills all outbound traffic until VPN is restarted

  • Hi everyone, I'm dealing with a particularly weird issue. My pfsense setup (2.3.3_1) runs quite happily, using multi-wan with two OpenVPN connections - only traffic from certain hosts is routed through them. Everything seems to work well…

    Apart from approximately every two weeks or so, all traffic stops dead and nothing on the internal network (routed through OpenVPN connections or not) can communicate to the internet. This is fixed if I stop and then start one of the OpenVPN connections (I usually do both just to make sure). Everything then continues seemingly happily for almost another two weeks till it happens again.

    I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to start looking and what could possibly be causing this?  :-\

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    If the client is going down and not automatically restarting you can install service watchdog package and have it automatically restart if for you.

  • THat's the strange thing - it's not the client that is going down, it's that the whole connection to the internet just stops - VPN and non-VPN WAN routes but restarting one of the VPN connections clears it all up till the text time..

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    When this happens is the VPN service marked as down?

  • In the dashboard interfaces summary view no. Everything looks normal. I've not checked the gateway status.

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    Is there anything useful in your logs? Are all other services running when this happens?

  • Unfortunately my partner rebooted the system whilst I was away so I'll have to wait another couple of weeks to pull logs.

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