OpenVPN remote access - plex

  • I can ping from my device my plex server and plex server can ping openvpn remote access client. But plex apps will not load on the client, checked rules openvpn are permitted to everything.

  • Works for me.

    I had my issues figuring out OpenVPN but eventually got it working. The problem was me coming in from DD-WRT where things are more complicated. pfSense OpenVPN is so easy to get working as a server that I needed to unlearn a lot and I was fairly stubborn about it.

    It should work. If you can access your network remotely using OpenVPN you should be able to access a Plex server.

    Just for fun, try using OpenPHT as your PC plex client. The full standard Plex program has issues I didn't care to research that OpenPHT does not have. Android Plex works fine enough for me to consider actually buying a license.

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