Squid constantly crashing

  • Squid Cache version 3.5.23 for amd64-portbld-freebsd10.3…

    It's crashing every 5 seconds with the following message:

    assertion failed: MemBuf.cc:216: "0 <= tailSize && tailSize <= cSize"

    Re-installing it doesn't help.

  • Quick update. I found the cause of the problem.
    I was using Dynamic and Update Content.
    De-selected Cache Dynamic Content and got stability back.

  • Hello gga,

    thank you for the reply. I think mine is suffering from the same problem. Deactivated it and now it runs again.
    Where do you get the logs from squid?



  • It seems to be this bug:


    For me personally I started to observe it on pfSense 2.4beta, and did not see it before. It seems it occurs more often on FreeBSD 11. I am using caching of Dynamic Content heavily and this bug happens few times during a week to my Squid.
    According to bugzilla the bug is related to "bad 304 response received" handling by Squid, that is causing assertion bug.

    I am only wondering if older Squid version is not affected by that, that we can possibly downgrade our packages to, until we have a working/tested build. So far this is only one issue I have with Squid on pfSense 2.4beta

  • My squid crashed last week again without the dynamic chache. Where is the right place to look into logs what coused this?

    what do you have insert in "Custom refresh_patterns" that the Cache Dynamic Content works for you?

  • It has nothing to do with your or somebody else settings.

    Its a Squid bug,

    I guess we have to wait when it is fixed by Squid team and then when new package will be built by pfSense team later.
    Interim solution will be to wait for pfSense team apply the patch (if there is patch that is confirmed functional and not causing any additional bugs)

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