No longer able to see all interfaces

  • Good day kind people (at least I assume their are kind people  ;D )

    So I noticed today that my ntopng is only allowing me to see the mini-pcie wireless card on my box. I am not sure what has changed, the only updates I remember were squid and squidguard. I am not sure where to start here are the places I looked/tried. LAN is not being displayed

    1. ntopng settings
        a. Interface's LAN and WLAN0 are selected
        b. Local Networks - I tried all three with no success.
    2. Rebooted the box
    3. Reinstalled the package
    4. Unchecked the "Keep Data/Settings" box, removed the package and installed it.

    Any more ideas?

  • I just wanted to follow up on this problem. I have been working a little more on it. When I Uncheck the "Keep Data/Settings" box and uninstall it seems to keep my settings, the only working interfaces I have seemed to gotten back are my wan connection and my wireless card. The ethernet connection still will not show up under interfaces n the ntopng gui menu.

    I would really like to get that interface working again since it is my main network. The wireless is not important because it is more of a failsafe.

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