Performance issue tweaking need to help performance

  • I have now been running ZEN with PFsense 5.0 for awhile now.  It is running really well.  I have installed SQUID, SQUIDGUARD, & IMSPECTOR.  Everything is working really well.  I have 3 MB by 512MB DSL connection.

    I have noticed a difference between a machine behind the proxy and a machhine not behind the proxy.  The downloads from behind the proxy are about half the download rate verse a machine not behind the proxy.  I just wanted to know if, I needed to give higher prior to the virtual server that is running pfsense.

    I need to also add snort back and well.  I currently have 2 virtual processor and 768 meg of ram avaiable to virtual server.

    I am also looking at upgrading a copy of my current image to verison 1.3.  Does anyone have any thoughs or concerns?

    I am really enjoying the virtual pfsense servers.  I currently have a 1.3 and 1.2 virtual server, I switch between them at will.  By bring either up and almost all vpn connections work.  2 differnt one's dont.

    Virtual servers are a great way to do.  I backup my production image once a week.  It works great.  I have had a image blow up and it failed horrible.  I just restored from my backup and ther server was backup in about 10 minutes.

    It is the best way to go.

  • The general consensus is that you shouldn't run any kind of critical security device, including pfSense, inside a virtual machine.

    As for your squid problem, you don't mention which version of pfSense you're running (5 isn't a pfSense version), but if it's 1.2 then add these lines to your /boot/loader.conf and reboot:




  • Bern,
    It is version 1.2 and I am running XEN 5.0.  I had to start using virtual machines due utilizies cost and the cost of running older machines.  Since I have cut over to virtual machines.  I have cut my utility bill by 200.00 a month.  This includes additional AC unit required for cooling.

    How do I edit the loader.conf file.  I never modified the conf files at all before.

  • That'll be Citrix's Xen then.

    To edit loader.conf use vi, as in vi /boot/loader.conf.  Do back the system up first to avoid having to re-install if you make mistakes.

  • Cry Havok,
    Thanks a million.  I have a fullimage backup of my production system.  I can restore it at any time.  The system is awesome.  It's really been a huge cost savings.  I recoupe my investiment in less that 4 months.  I have replaced a bunch of really old machines.  I love it.

  • I never used vi, where can I loacate a how to use it.  Just curious?

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