My pfsense box in action

  • I currently subscribed to a residential broadband internet here in my city. A 384/128kbps speed that is supposed to cater "single user" but with the help of Pfsense, I was able to share it to 5 Machines, making a small internet shop in my vacant room.

    With OpenDNS filtering/Squid/Dnscache and some traffic shaping configured, I was able to provide internet service to casual internet users particularly students making their research assignment and people who just want to check their email.

    Since students and minors don't have to go other internet shops for their casual internet needs, parents and guardians are quite happy with the services that I (& PFsense) provide.

    Pfsense for me is rock solid considering it's stability,flexibility and usability.

    Cheers to the  Development Team and the Community!!!

    But wait…..... this deployment is just in my house. I have also Enterprise deployment in my workplaces..Catering 110+ users, connected to 2 ISP and 2 Localloop to local Datacenter. And Runs decently. hehehe

    So again.. Pfsense IMO is Rock solid. It can be utilized to suites your deployment needs whether residential or even Enterprise.

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